pfabridal.compensation: it’s the complete package.

Define compensation packages across your organization using just one system. With compensation management software from Workday, all teams can take part in compensation review and access the information they need to set the right rewards for their people.

pfabridal.compensation hero

bt365体育在线 Allow top-level managers to advance or send reviews back and be a part of the compensation process.

Create pools for awards and distribute the pools to workers.

bt365体育在线 Create validations to trigger critical errors and warning messages.

View compensation at a glance.

bt365体育在线With pfabridal.compensation, your employees can see their total rewards, including compensation and benefits.

  • View total compensation on demand.

  • Display actual payroll data, including earnings, deductions, and pay components.

  • bt365体育在线Customize compensation statements using our flexible design.

All the information you need to make sound decisions.

  • View high-level stats on your merit process.
  • Ensure your organization is paying for performance.
  • Gain a global picture of compensation using internal and external data.



Manage compensation surveys with ease.

Compensation survey management in Workday enables you to automate survey data preparation.

  • Manage multiple compensation vendors, products, and surveys.

  • bt365体育在线Maintain and report survey jobs and job matches in Workday. 

  • bt365体育在线Automatically populate job matches for new compensation surveys.

A single dashboard to monitor pay.

Analyze pay differences in your organization so you can better address potential pay inequality.

  • Measure pay across multiple factors including gender, location, performance, and job family.
  • Track disparity using a mix of pay basis options, such as base pay and compa-ratio.